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Cooking classes

"Traditional cuisine"
The Sicilian cuisine, based on the values of the Mediterranean diet (World Cultural Heritage), is a rich melting pot of flavors and unique combinations.
The aim of the course is to discover the ancient Sicilian culinary tradition .
and make their own recipes that distinguish the world.
Sicily has a rich culinary tradition due to the presence of many foreign cultures that have influenced the island’s history and handed down over the centuries by experts who have been able to rely on raw materials of the highest quality. Most of the ingredients used in the dishes are at km 0 .

Tasting courses

"Oil Tasting"
The assessment of the quality of an olive oil in the past was only based on chemical analysis which determined, in particular, the acidity.
But the determination of chemical parameters alone is not sufficient to ensure that an oil has good organoleptic characteristics, it can happen that oils with excellent chemical parameters defects organoleptic (taste, aroma, fragrance) as to downgrade the product.


"Chiaramonte Gulfi churches and museums"

The origins of the community are to be found in ancient times around the sixth century.
In Greek times you have the first evidence of the name ACRILLE, with which it is indicated also the city of Hellenistic and Roman times, located in the valley below the current town.
The construction site higher and fortified is due to the Norman Count Manfredi Chiaramonte, a fief in the late thirteenth century the County of Modica. The city drew, so named after its founder and ladies.

Other activities
Bowling green and archery, horseback riding.


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